The Maddox Backpack

Backpack found in the Maddox Ark

17.25” x 13.25” x 6.25″ (43.8 cm x 33.7 cm x 15.9 cm)

The backpack found within the Maddox Ark houses the whole of the Ark’s personal effects – a folder containing school work, a coin purse, and toy and food canister. Constructed of black nylon, the backpack was tagged with evidence-style identification of the type found in the Meyer, Thousand Oaks, and Eureka Arks.

The backpack’s decoration – a doubled skull with the words “THAT’S AN ORDER” floating over a field of rifle cartridges – provides a glimpse of youth culture in the PZ.a The doubling effect has lead arkologists Bruce Hawser and Jennifer Suarez to draw links to objects originating in the Great Lakes and Southeast Zones, where the motif features prominently.b

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Button found on the backpack in the Maddox Ark

1.75” diameter (4.4 cm diameter)

The button seen on Maddox’s backpack relates to the CATtack line of toys apparently popular in the Pacific and North Central Zones.a

a Nuit GH. Toys in the Western Zones. J Ark Research. 1989. 20(12);2303-2313.