Ongoing AAS Research

Ongoing AAS Research

Since amateur Ark enthusiasts first gathered in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1974 to discuss the latest developments in arkology, the American Arkology Society has been at the forefront of Ark research.

The group, then called the American Research Society for the Study of Enigmatic Artifacts (ARSSEA), laid the foundation for what would become the American Arkology Society, with an emphasis on rigorous scholarship and exploration to further our understanding of the Arks.

Since that first meeting, AAS has wholly or partially funded 53 excavations in the United States. In addition to its summer volunteer programs, AAS has sponsored arkology departments at Boston College, Hope College, Stanford University, and George Mason University.    

Our members have participated in excavations across the United States, while our exchange programs with South American, European, and Russian arkology groups have sent AAS members around the globe in search of answers to arkology’s biggest questions. AAS currently funds several ongoing major excavations in the United States, and these commitments make our members’ contributions more important than ever.

Current American Arkology Society excavation sites

Current excavations and field research supported by the American Arkology Society.