Maddox Miscellaneous Objects

In addition to the folder and coin purse, an action figure and food canister were found in Maggie Maddox’s backpack.

An action figure found in the Maggie Maddox Ark

Action figure
3.75” x 2” x 1.75″ (9.5 cm x 5 cm x 4.4)

The action figure found in Maddox Ark is of unknown origin, but appears to be related to PetShopBoyz, a cartoon franchise about a group of animal freedom fighters popular in the Zones in the early NE20s.a

a Nuit GH. Toys in the Western Zones. J Ark Research. 1989. 20(12);2303-2313.

Food canister found in the Maddox Ark
”Charmz” unicorn
The unicorn sticker seen here firing rainbows from its eyes is from the “Charmz” cartoon series, featured prominently on Maddox’s schoolwork folder.

Food canister
5.75” x 3.75” diameter (14.6 cm x 7.6 cm)

The food canister in Maggie Maddox’s backpack is covered in stickers that have provided arkologists with a deeper look into the past times, fashion, and culture of young people in the Pacific Zone.a Made of enameled stainless steel, the canister interior contained trace residue of what appeared to be spaghetti and meatballs.

a Hark-Jimenez ZH. Identity and Obligation in the Zones. 2014. New York: Davis and Dawes Press.

Food canister found in the Maddox Ark
Jackie Parker
Jackie Parker appears to be a character in a live-action television show called “Sympathy Strike.” The plot of the series is unknown.
”Charmz” heart
The heart seen in this sticker also appears on the “Charmz” folder in Maddox’s backpack.
Food canister found in the Maddox Ark
”Death rattle”
The sticker seen here is apparently from an air cavalry unit based near Lake Erie. It is unknown how Maddox acquired this sticker. However, records exist showing migration between Zones; it is possible that a relative or family friend in the Great Lakes or Northeast Zone sent it to Maddox.