The Maddox Permission Slip

Permission slip found in the Maddox Ark
PAO and Lake Mead
This refers to the base’s Public Affairs Officer, who presumably serves as liaison with the public. Lake Mead, located near present-day Las Vegas, was the site of multiple clashes between separatist groups and the Pacific Zone military.
Emily Maddox
The handwriting and signature seen here are the only trace arkologists have of Maggie Maddox’s mother Emily.

Permission slip
8.5” x 11” (21.6 cm x 27.9 cm)

“Edwards Air Base,” the military facility mentioned in the permission slip found in Maggie Maddox’s school folder, appears to refer to Edwards Air Force Base, the USAF facility currently located in Kern County, California.

Given that the signed permission slip was found in the Maddox Ark, arkologists assume that the artifacts were collected on or before October 27, NE26. Though theories have been put forth about what happened to Maggie Maddox, her fate is ultimately unknown.a-c

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