The Maddox Keychain

Keychain found in the Maddox Ark
The portrait embedded in Maddox’s keychain appears to be that of an African American man, though it has been severely pixelated. The pixelated portrait is a popular form of citizen protest in the Pacific Zone. The portraits, typically of men, are pixelated nearly beyond recognition to call attention to those who have been “disappeared” – likely at the hands of the state. The style has been seen on posters, t-shirts, and buttons found in seven different Arks unearthed in PZ territory.
Initials and date
The man’s race, birthdate, and last initial “M” lead researchers to hypothesize that he may be related to Maddox – perhaps her brother or cousin.

7” x .88” x .38″ (17.8 cm x 2.2 cm x .97 cm)

Use for the key found in Maddox’s coin purse is unknown, but given her age it is likely for her home.