Correctional Facility Visitor Map

Map of the Kicking Water Manufacturing Facility
Visitor Map
This map was apparently used by non-inmate visitors to the facility; Jarndyke and his co-conspirators may have obtained multiple copies for planning purposes.
The times on the map depict a coordinated attack timed to sow maximum confusion at the compound.
The sketched routes in and out of the facility suggest that Jarndyke and his co-conspirators were attempting to enter the compound, make contact with an inmate at a residential block, and exit the grounds.

Visitor Map
11” x 8.5” (27.9 cm x 21.6 cm)

The map seen here may hold the key to understanding Jarndyke’s final hours. Scholars believe that Jarndyke may have been involved in an assault at the Kicking Water Manufacturing Facility, a prison complex that utilized inmate labor on behalf of Zone corporations. Across the GLZ, compounds such as this one exploited free labor for corporations such as Stardon and others.a

Both petty criminals and political dissidents were typically housed in facilities like this one. The presence of the latter at Kicking Water may explain the planning seen on the map, which appears to plot a breach and escape.

As this document appears to be the last along Jarndyke’s route north through the GLZ, scholars assume he was either captured or killed during this action.b

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