The Crux Magazine Clipping

Crux magazine page found in the envelope in the Jarndyke Ark
“After Whitehall”
The headline here apparently refers to an attack in Whitehall, a suburb east of present-day Columbus, Ohio. Information about the Whitehall attack is limited, but the child’s shoe in this photograph corroborates reports found in the Haenneker and Garcia Arks, which mention an elementary school bombing that took the lives of over 60 children.
“The Sentinel Manifesto”
The Sentinel group, an active terrorist organization, claimed responsibility for the Whitehall attack. Unlike the multiple separatist groups operating in the Great Lakes Zone, Sentinel actions do not appear to be tied to concrete goals. Text of the manifesto mentioned on the cover of this issue of The Crux has not been recovered, but other communications lead researchers to classify the group as more doomsday cult than political entity.
“The Richmond connection”
The Southeast Zone has been accused on multiple occasions of funding terrorist groups to foment chaos in its neighbors the Great Lakes and Northeast Zones.
Address label
This issue of The Crux was initially mailed to a doctor’s office in Downers Grove, a city in present-day Illinois not far from Jarndyke’s home in Aurora.

The Crux magazine cover
11” x 8.13” (27.9 cm x 20.7 cm)

As with other clippings found in Matthew Jarndyke’s envelope, this one, the cover of a magazine called The Crux, features an article on terrorist activity.

Irregular on Street in Yuma, as depicted by artist Thomas Doyle in a model commissioned by the American Arkology Society
Trou de Loup
The liquor being advertised on the inside cover of The Crux is bottled in Cub Run, Southeast Zone, a city in our present-day Kentucky. The date on the label tells us the company began distilling 116 years before the years were changed over to the New Era.
Given the multiple wars fought in and around the Great Lakes Zone, the advertisement’s copy may refer to the death of comrades during military actions.

The Crux magazine cover (verso)
11” x 8.13” (27.9 cm x 20.7 cm)